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EnCase Portable is built for scenarios where non-technicians are forced to work within tight timeframes, such as a situation where the non-technician needs to figure out whether or not a drive is encrypted or if a computer can be shut down. EnCase Portable requires an exclusive dongle to employ the job-based triage and collection. The Portable dongle can be configured to do a multitude of things: live RAM acquisition, taking a snapshot of running processes, ports, DNS chase, ARP, detection of full-disk encryption, the search and preview of pictures, and running bespoke EnScript.

Search & Install any app on Mac

Encase 7. These features include triaging a running system, collecting and viewing images quickly and easily, running pre-configured and custom collection jobs in a forensically sound manner, and allowing the use of keywords and metadata as well as hash values and other information to run targeted searches. EnCase version 7.

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This wizard allows the user to quickly add a bookmark folder to the report template, specify metadata, perform basic formatting and preview the report. The interface allows navigation directly from bookmarks to report templates, and gives access to the add folder which is the Report Template Wizard.

Forensic and Investigative Accounting Investigating and analyzing financial records.

Damages quantification Identifying discrepancies Business valuation Insurance claim, cybercrime. Get Access to Data of Deceased Gain access to the online accounts of deceased loved ones. Establishing cause of death Civil or criminal litigation Insurance investigations Archiving the legacy of a loved one. Experiencing a Data Breach Incident?

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    The first response is critical to reduce liability. Stop the active breach Investigate incident Reduce liability Report violations. Is somebody spying on you? Cyber spying Employee monitoring Industrial espionage Malware Spy-phishing. Protect Your Company Reduce your electronic risk from digital transmittals. E-Mails Internet Newsgroups Social media.


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    Digital Forensics Corp. Editor's Pick. Internet threats and children. Forensic analysis of instant messenger desktop applications. Mobile Forensics: Device Firmware Upgrade. Extracting data from damaged iTunes backups. Popular Now. Decrypting encrypted WhatsApp databases without the key. Extracting data from SmartSwitch backups. Android forensic analysis with Autopsy.

    Chip-off Technique in Mobile Forensics. How to protect your smartphone from malware.

    Mac OS X QuickLook Thumbcache Parser

    Unlocking Locked LG Smartphones. Mobile forensic video portal. Unlock or decrypt an APFS drive. Forensic Analysis of Telegram Messenger.


    Log Files Analysis. Windows 10 Registry forensics. Bzip2 and Gzip archives of each log-file will expanded and searched automatically.

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    Matching logs are written to bookmarks and a tab-delimited spreadsheet file. Download Now. To begin your download, please provide the following information to generate your trial license. Your 0-day free trial license will be delivered via email. There seems to have been an error. Please contact us for more information.

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