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Let me know if you find this helpful. Start LadioCast and set up as follows:. Once everyone is in the Google Hangout, press the record button on Audacity and you should be recording the output of all participants and hearing the audio in your headset. Go Applications, and open QuickTime Player.

Click the little arrow drop-down menu on the side of the red record button and make sure the Internal Microphone is selected under the microphone section. Click the red record button to free record video and system audio on Mojave.


Drag to record part of the screen. End recording by clicking the stop button in the menu bar.

Soundflower is a Mac extension that allows programs to pass audio to other applications. Using this program you will be able to record system sound with along with the video as well.

How to install sound flower? - Apple Community

Besides, Wondershare is also able to record screen for you. If you are somehow not satisfied with QuickTime, go for Toolbox for recording. You might want to update your instructions. QT Run the installer, "Soundflower.

Also,it's better than the normal Soundflower:. Light And Magic Member Oct 4, TickleMeOzmo Member Oct 4, Sure, if you want to pay for the same function you get free in Soundflower.

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Light And Magic Member Oct 5, The driver is free, just for the record. But of course the information about SoundFlower and how it can continue to work is also still valuable.

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Light And Magic said:. Light And Magic Member Oct 6, I can confirm it works, amsyar. Manuel Miranda New Member Oct 7, Last edited: Oct 7, Hello everyone, I used soundflower to control volume and equalize the speakers of my external hd monitor.